About Us


Feeling Nordic initially started as a Home Decor and Furniture online store with own custom printed items taking inspiration from my nordic background.

I grew up in Norway and used to love the amazing winter with lots of snow. I moved to Australia in 2004 for work. In 2019 my husband and I decided to take the kids for a family holiday to Norway. It was 10 years since my last Christmas at home and I was curious about what the kids would think of my country. The kids loved everything about it and especially the snow.

That Christmas we had barely any snow in December- something I had never experienced before. You may think that has nothing to do with climate change, however its a fact that the temperature in the Arctic continues to raise at more than twice the global annual average. 

While the effects of climate change are more pronounced in the Arctic, the causes and the effects of climate change are linked to what’s happening all over the world right now. 

We wanted to make a difference somehow and decided to create a range of T-Shirts and Hoodies to create awareness around climate change and at the same time raise money for organisations who work tirelessly to protect our planet by donating 30 percent of our profit.

Show your support and raise awareness by wearing our Feeling Nordic collection. Any feedback on our website is welcome and follow our blog for future donations. 


Thank you so much for your support